Touch Free Water Stations


Stand-Alone Water Station

The stand-alone portable water filtration station is approximately 8’ long, fits perfectly in a 10ftx10ft tent and has an integrated quadruple filtration system inside the cabinet for perfectly clean, refreshing drinking water. We source water from municipal access or potable tank then triple filter and UV treat through our water stations or filter packs. Once the water is filtered and chilled, it is dispensed from four high flow touch free pouring taps to patrons, staff, athletes or volunteers.  Our stations are made from industrial stainless steel, to be tough enough to survive any environment.








Tabletop Water Station

The tabletop water station is 5’ long and sits on a standard table. It’s much smaller, but still utilizes four touch free taps and boasts the same flow rates as the stand-alone water station. The tabletop water station comes with a separate triple filtration pack that filters the water instead of it being built in. Great for any festival or sporting event where space is an issue or you are looking to reduce your event footprint. The tabletop station may be the best “fit” for your event.

How We Do It

Getting our event and festival hydration dispensers up and running can be broken down into a 3-step process:

Determining Viability


We need to access potable water and it can be delivered in three ways:


  • Municipal ground source (hose bib or hydrant – which is our most common source)
  • Potable water tank (filled from a truck or municipal source)
  • Potable water truck delivery



Once we have determined a suitable water source we can begin setup. We run NSF-61 rated potable waterlines from the source to our water stations. We chlorinate, sanitize and chill the waterline, including within the unit itself, before dispensing to patrons. Once the sanitization process is complete, we insert our filters and the water is ready to be enjoyed.




Upon completion of the event we remove all equipment and lines. We pride ourselves on leaving no trace behind and removing our equipment in a timely, hassle-free way.

Touch Free Pouring Taps

Our water stations are equipped with zero-contact sensor operated taps. The touchless operation reduces cross contamination between users and allows for a fast, easy, and sanitary bottle fill. Our touch free pouring taps have a very high rate of water flow and will fill an average size water bottle between 6-8 seconds.


The Green Results

Getting our event and festival hydration dispensers up and running can be broken down into a 3-step process:

Using our portable water filtration systems results in premium, refreshing and great-tasting drinking water for patrons, staff, athletes and volunteers without plastic water bottles littering your venue and our environment.


Additionally, we track how much water is poured using accurate meters and can determine how many plastic bottles you have avoided during the event, which provides a great tangible number for you to promote your sustainability efforts.


Ready to work with us for your portable hydration station needs?

Man filling up his water bottle