How many water stations will I need at my event?

This depends on the footprint* of the festival, potential weather and total attendees; however, we suggest at least 1 water station per 5000-8000 people.

* Footprint is generally referred to as the scope or acreage of the festival.

Where does the water come from? Do you ever run out?

The water comes from existing municipal sources (such as a fire hydrant) or potable water tanks or trucks. The municipal water will never run out, and we monitor the tanks’ water levels regularly to ensure they never empty.


In other words, no, we will never run out.

Is your water filtered?

Yes. Triple-filtered. We’ll even alter our filtration depending on what we’re connecting. We once used softening filters for a carwash. Who wants hard watermarks on their vehicle?

What do I have to provide you to have the water stations at my event?

The basic necessities of: water, power, space and drainage. That’s it. Pretty simple.

Who operates the water stations during the event?

Festival volunteers (to man the water dispensers and for crowd control) and EWS managerial staff operate the water stations. If the festival cannot provide pouring staff then EWS can provide that, but we’ll need some time in advance to coordinate.

Do you service events indoors?

Yes. From conferences to sporting events, we can definitely service your indoor events.

How much will it cost to have Event Water Solutions at my event?

The cost depends on the service(s) – water infrastructure, water stations or misting fans. We quote every event individually, so be sure to contact us. One of our great staff will be in touch quickly to provide you with more information and a quote.

Are third party sponsorship opportunities available?

We work with the event and festival to provide resources for sponsorship. We highly recommend finding a sponsor for EWS services as the misting fans and water stations are highly visible festival destinations.

Ready to hydrate your indoor or outdoor event with pure, filtered water?